Thoughts on Teaching

For close to three decades now, I have been an art educator, which apart from classroom teaching, involved art education research, presenting the research at numerous conferences, training teachers, framing curriculum and consulting.

It has been my endeavor as an art educator to open students’ eyes to the world so that they see everything and imagine the unimaginable. I believe that art is not just the production of a work, it is understanding why we make it, exploring techniques, studying art history and cultures as well as aesthetics.

I love to teach art because it provides unlimited possibilities to reach young minds and I work towards helping students achieve their highest potential.

Students are free to create and express themselves. They are free to make mistakes and learn from them. They are guided to higher levels of thinking and art is used as a positive and powerful resource in expressing their ideas about the world around them.

I instill in the students a love for learning, a love for experimenting and a joy for creating. Each student at Art4All is truly creative.

At Art4All, we truly create masters, who in turn CREATE MASTERPIECES!!

Press & Testimonials

What Drives Us?

What We Do?

  • To inspire creative and free expression in students
  • To help develop problem solving skills and decision making
  • To cultivate a sense of value and accomplishment in their art
  • To foster in them a sense of identity
  • To make connections between other subject areas and visual art

Why We Do It?

  • To expand awareness of art through a challenging and engaging art education program
  • To inculcate a love for creating art without fear
  • To provide authentic art making opportunities to students of all ages

What They Say