Events & Schedule

You can find the class days and timings appropriate for you or for your child here.



Where does Art4All conduct their classes?

Classes are conducted at the Art4All studio in Marine Drive.

Do I have to Pre-Register?

Yes. Most of our batches go completely full so you may not get accepted. It is advisable to pre-register your child.

At what age can my child start attending art class?

We start kids at the age of 4 years +. Children are given classes based on the appropriate age groups.

How are classes organized?

Our classes run Monday through Sunday, but the batches are different for different age groups. Kids may attend only one day a week. Please check on ‘Schedule’ to see the day and timings.

How are the fees charged?

The fees are paid in advance for a six month term, starting January and July.

What if my child misses a class?

Missed classes are not made up, however, wherever feasible we will help the child make up the work that has been missed.

Do we get to see the child’s work?

Every time a lesson is completed, the artwork is sent home. Moreover, you can also see other students’ work on our social media pages.